Swiss Owners Swap

We understand that occasionally you may want to experience other ski resorts so we have launched our Swiss Owners Swap initiative which is aimed at increasing flexibility and enjoyment of your home. From 2017 onwards SOC members can swap weekly or weekend rentals directly with Powder Byrne. In return, owners will receive accommodation in another summer or winter Powder Byrne resort. In this way, owners can enjoy Powder Byrne holidays, whilst maximising the return on their investment.

Choose from our summer resorts in Crete, Elba or Portugal, or take a new ski challenge in another Powder Byrne ski resort such as Flims, Zermatt, Zurs, Davos or Saas Fee.

Additionally, owners will be encouraged to swap time in their apartments with other Powder Byrne owners in neighbouring resorts on a like for like basis with no additional costs. We believe this will prove attractive and a valuable service, offering greater alternatives and flexibility to those wishing to try new resort with no additional costs.

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